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Women's Phenom Expert with MIMIC

Women's Phenom Expert with MIMIC

Part No. 27220-3003

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For as long as there've been saddles, women have been having issues with them. But where some see unsolvable problems, we see practical solutions. With our patented design, MIMIC technology helps create a saddle that perfectly adapts to your body to give you the support you need.

And when you combine this technology with the long-nosed, flat profile of the Phenom Expert saddle, with its hollow titanium rails and Level II padding for extra comfort, you get a high-performance saddle that's designed to help you perform at your best. It still features all of the Body Geometry design characteristics you know and love, so you can be assured of superior, all-day comfort in any ride position.

自座垫出现开始,女性就一直有难言之隐。 但是,有些人认为这是无法解决的问题,但我们看到了可实现的解决方案。 凭借我们的专利设计,MIMIC技术有助于为您带来高度贴合您身体,并为您提供所需的支撑性。 当将这项技术与Phenom Expert座垫的长鼻端扁平形结合使用时,其中空的钛合金导轨和2级填充衬垫可提供更好的舒适感,您将获得一个高性能的座垫,帮助您在赛场更好地发挥。 它仍然具有您熟悉和喜爱的所有Body Geometry设计特征,因此您可以在任何骑行姿势都能享受到全天舒适性。