Women's Prime-Series Alpha Jacket

女士Prime-Series Alpha夹克

Part No.: 64422-9701

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Our Prime-Series Alpha Jacket utilizes Polartec® Alpha® to bring warmth to your cold-weather days. The soft inside liner quickly evaporates sweat keeping you warm and dry, and with a semi-form fit, it's a great layering option.

我们的Prime-Series Alpha夹克采用Polartec® Alpha®材质,在寒冷的天气里为您带来温暖。柔软的内衬让汗水快速蒸发让您保持温暖干燥,修身版型便于搭配其他衣物穿着。

  • 外壳面料的材质让这款夹克透气性更好,并且将水汽从内层向外转移,以便蒸发,让您更加干燥舒适
  • 背部三个口袋帮助您安全收纳随身物品,并且取放便捷
  • 面料成分:外壳:85%尼龙,15%氨纶;内衬:100%涤纶.