Women's Prime-Series Thermal Jersey

女士 Prime Power Grid骑行服

Part No.: 64122-9102


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A thermal jersey is a key component to winter riding, and the Prime-Series Thermal Jersey is no exception. With Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric, it's not only extremely warm, but also lightweight, stretchy, and downright comfy.

保暖骑行服是冬季骑行的必需品, Prime Power Grid骑行服就是您理想的选择。 采用Polartec®Power Grid™面料,它不仅非常保暖,而且轻巧,有弹性且非常舒适。

  • 四向弹力面料,允许我们制造修身版型的冬季骑行服。
  • 后背3个标准口袋,为寒冷天气的骑行装备提供充足的存储空间。
  • 面料成分:91% 聚酯纤维,9%氨纶