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Women's RBX Comp Knickers

Women's RBX Comp Knickers

Part No. 64216-0225

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Fall riding, cyclocross, long hauls on the dirt before the snow falls—however you use them, our Women's RBX Comp Bib Knickers are guaranteed to deliver comfort and protection over your cold rides this season.

Constructed from our VaporRize™ knit fabrics, the RBX Comp bib knickers feature a light level of insulation that makes them perfect for use in chilly conditions. And to make sure of it, this material also wicks moisture away from the skin incredibly well, while also maintaining high levels of breathability. This is vital to cold weather riding, as the lack of moisture will dramatically reduce wind chills.

Furthering comfort in and out of the saddle is our women's articulated cycling fit that conforms to the body both in motion and in the cycling position. This means that the materials move with you, not against you, to ensure that you won't experience any unwanted chafing, pinching, or discomfort.

And taking this a step forward is the inclusion of our Body Geometry RBX Comp Women's Chamois. This ample insert features a variable density design that places padding and support where you need it, not where you don't. And when coupled with the ultra-soft fabric at the top layer, absolute comfort is all but guaranteed.

秋季骑行,公路越野,大雪过后泥泞道路的长途骑行——幸运的是您有它,我们的RBX Comp骑行裤能够带给您舒适性,让您远离这个季节的寒冷。

由我们的 VaporRize™织物纤维构成, RBX Comp 背带骑行长裤的高隔热效果让它适合在寒冷天气中使用。为了确保这一点,这种材质对于将湿气驱离皮肤表面的效果难以置信地好,同时保持高水平的透气性。这对于寒冷天气中骑行极为重要,因为越少的湿气就越能减少寒风侵袭。



更进一步,它包含我们的Body Geometry RBX Comp护垫。这种宽大的内嵌衬垫包含多重密度设计,能够在您需要支撑的地方给予您充足的支撑。再加上表面的超软织物层,保证带给您更高的舒适性。