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Women's SL Bib Shorts

Women's SL Bib Shorts

Part No. 64220-7811

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The perfect pair of bib shorts don't feel like bib shorts—they don't feel like you're wearing anything at all. And from here on out, you'll wish all of the bib shorts you race in would disappear beneath you like the new Women's SL bib shorts. You wanted top-shelf, and you got it.

This unmatched comfort comes, in part, from our custom, pre-molded 3D Chamois. Not only is it pre-molded to the shape of your body and saddle to reduce wrinkles and pressure points, but it also features multi-density foam that ensures the utmost in comfort. The other half of the comfort equation comes from the fabrics and the fit. For example, the welded uppers get rid of seams altogether for the most comfortable straps possible, while an articulated design ensures the perfect fit when in the riding position.

  • Four-way stretch fabric provides ample comfort and a soft hand.
  • HookUp magnetic bib connection at the lower back eases entry and exit for nature breaks.
  • Welded bib upper construction reduces friction and dials-in the fit by reducing the need for seams. The bib upper fabric, meanwhile, incorporates a carbon yarn for anti-microbial and thermal regulation properties.
  • Silicone-infused fabric cuff provides a gentle, secure hold on the legs in order to ensure the perfect, shift-free fit.
  • Articulated design ensures the perfect fit while in the riding position.
  • Reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • UPF 50+ rating protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Triple-density-foam, Women’s-specific Performance Body Geometry Contour 3D Chamois is pre-molded to match the shape of the body for exceptional comfort.
  • Women's-specific Slim Fit feels like a second skin.
  • 8" inseam (size Medium)



  • 四向弹力面料舒适性强且触感柔软
  • HookUp磁性背带搭扣,当需要方便的时候特别方便
  • 粘接上身背带结构消除了接缝,降低摩擦,提升贴合。与此同时上身背带的面料融入了碳纱线以提供抑菌和一定的温度调节作用
  • 带硅胶防滑面料的罗口轻柔稳固地环抱腿部,确保贴身而不易移位
  • 立体剪裁设计贴合骑行时的身姿
  • 反光元素在低照度环境下提升您在机动车驾驶人眼中的可见度
  • UPF 50+防晒指数,保护您的皮肤,减少紫外线伤害
  • 专为女士设计的高性能Body Geometry Contour 3D裤垫采用三重密度海绵并经过预成型,以更好地贴合身体曲线,带来优异的舒适性
  • 女士贴身版型,贴合犹如第二层皮肤
  • 8英寸内接缝(M码)