Women's SL Rain Jacket


Part No.: 64422-6311

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We get it, rain rides are often not enjoyable. But with the Women's SL Rain Jacket, we're hoping to change that. With the latest technology in waterproofing, Polartec® NeoShell®, this jacket is extremely breathable and stretchy, all while being... Read More

我们知道,雨骑通常不是一件享受的事情。 但是,有了SL防雨夹克,我们希望能够改善这种状况。 采用新型Polartec®Neoshell®防水面料技术,这款夹克具有相当优秀的透气性和弹力,同时完全防水,为您的雨骑加点幸福指数。

  • 全压胶接缝防止雨水渗入,让您保持干燥,并且经久耐用
  • YKK AquaGuard®防水拉链防止水分侵入
  • 面料成分:61%尼龙,31聚酯,8%PU。