Zee Cage II with Tool – Right

Zee Cage II 水壶架带工具 — 右手

Part No.: 43014-2155

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This Zee Cage II was designed with an integrated EMT Cage Mount MTB Tool that has all of the trailside necessities required to get you out of a jam on your ride. For the cage itself, you'll find it to be respectably lightweight, and to have in... Read More

这款Zee Cage II 与整合式水壶架收纳EMT工具组共同设计,拥有路边修理的必要工具来让你克服骑行中的小故障。在水壶架方面,你会发现它不仅重量轻盈,而且在路面颠簸时也能对水壶提供足够紧的固定。为了更方便的取放,我们给了它独特的测开口设计,让你可以从右侧取放。

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